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Sandblasting - Soda Blasting - Painting

Abrasive Solutions LLC offers a variety of blasting and painting options for all your media blasting, surface preparation and coating needs.

Media Blasting, Painting, Welding & Fabricating, and more!
Sandblasting - Soda Blasting - Painting

Serving Jackson County, Michigan and surrounding interstate areas.

With over 30 years of experience, Abrasive Solutions is committed to providing exceptional media blasting, painting and restoration services. Our highly skilled staff delivers a premier level of service by ensuring a thorough understanding of your requirements and producing superior blasting and painting results. Our goal is to build a customer relationship of trust and respect by committing to honesty in all that we do.

Sandblasting - Soda Blasting - Painting Sandblasting - Soda Blasting - Painting

Media Blasting

We offer several methods of abrasive blasting including:

• Sand
• Soda
• Crushed Glass

Our newly constructed 60' x 32' blasting enclosure accommodates large equipment and vehicles. We have 7 ton lift capacity, state of the art blasting equipment to handle the various sized jobs. No job is too small and few jobs are too big.


We provide various levels of application to suit your needs, from Epoxy Mastic to premier finishing, including specific viscosity measurements for industrial applications.

Our custom 60'x20' paint booth with 14ft overhead door will accommodate the largest of projects.

Sandblasting - Soda Blasting - Painting
Examples of product applications include but are not limited to:

• Semi Trucks
• Service Trucks
• Tankers and Trailers
• Buses
• Manufacturing Equipment
• Industrial Construction Equipment
• Farm Equipment
• Forklifts
• Small Projects

Including patio furniture, steel doors, rims, metal gates and railings.

Sandblasting - Soda Blasting - Painting
Innovative Metal Finishing
Sandblasting - Soda Blasting - Painting
Sand Blasting - Soda Blasting - Painting
Sandblasting - Soda Blasting - Painting
For more information, contact us by email, our office at (517) 592-2668 or our direct line at (517) 240-9202.
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Sandblasting - Soda Blasting - Painting
Abrasive Solutions
Abrasive Solutions
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Sandblasting - Soda Blasting - Painting
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Sandblasting - Soda Blasting - Painting